Safety Services

Compliance returns

There are a number of Governmental regulations that apply to research and other work carried out at the University. Some of these require personal or institutional licences or registration, and others require information to be submitted to the Government. In order to ensure compliance with these regulations, the University requests information from the Schools and research institutions twice a year in Summer and December.

The Summer returns are for general risk management and compliance monitoring, and request information on:

NEW: This summer 2017 we are also requesting information on the use of ethanol and ethanol licences. The reason is to have a wider picture on the number and location of ethanol licenses for university premises, which will help us decide if we need to apply for university-wide licence to help all those premises that currently do not have licences and their staff and students who are currently required to walk far to another premise with a licence to collect their ethanol purchases from.

The December returns are for statutory purposes, gathering information for the University's reports on: