First aid building notices

First Aid notices are placed in buildings on main corridors and centrally timetabled areas by a team from Estates and Facilities.

The information on the notices is compiled from the first aider information held by Safety Services which is regularly updated. Please inform of any innaccuracies.

If notices are not current or there is a need for additional notices in locally managed areas they can be printed from the master list of First Aid Building Notices.

To print additional notices (instructions for use with Internet Explorer)

  1. Download the list of First Aid Building Notices
  2. Search for the Building you require (right click on the document and select Find)
  3. Enter the name of the building you require e.g. Simon Building
  4. When you find the page you need
  5. Select 'Print' and choose ' print current page' otherwise you might print the whole set!
  6. Ensure you print the page in colour