What to do if a cardiac arrest occurs on campus

If you are called to, or come across, a casualty who is UNCONSCIOUS AND NOT BREATHING NORMALLY;

  • Immediately call 999. Send someone to do it or, if you are on your own, YOU will need to do it.
  • Explain that the casualty is unconscious, not breathing normally, and give the casualty’s location.
  • Call Security on 0161 306 9966 or Ext. 69966.

Explain that an ambulance has been called and that a defibrillator (AED) is required. Security will ensure ambulance access to the incident, and arrange that a defibrillator is brought to you from the nearest Security Vehicle.

  • Commence resuscitation (cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)). on the casualty - 30 chest compressions: 2 breaths
    (If you are not first aid trained, you can do hands only resuscitation - let Vinnie Jones show you how in this British Heart Foundation video)
  • If you have someone with you, and you are in a building near to a defibrillator, ask them to go and get it and bring it to you ASAP. They may get back to you before Security, and it doesn’t matter if you end up with two defibrillators at the scene!!
  • Once the defibrillator arrives, open it up and follow the instructions. Remember to swap with someone, if possible, every 1 – 2mins whilst carrying out CPR.

Do not stop until:

  1. the paramedics arrive and tell you to stop,
  2. the casualty responds i.e. starts to breathe NORMALLY and starts moving purposefully – swallowing, coughing, blinking
  3. you have no-one else to help and are too exhausted to continue