Using example risk assessments

Some toolkits contain example risk assessment for use as a starting point for your own assessments. If an assessment is not provided you must carry out your own, preferably using the Univeristy risk assessment form.

Using example risk assessments

  1. Ensure the assessment uses the current version of the risk assessment form

  2. Compare the hazards listed with those in your planned work. Delete any not relevant; add others you have identified.

In the section 'Existing measures to control risk':

For hazards listed

Check you have all the controls (or better) in place for your work. If YES, you can use the assessment.

If NO, make an Action Plan to address any deficiencies (see Section 14 of guidance on use of the assessment form) and record:

  • action required,
  • person responsible,
  • timescale for completion and
  • date action completed
  • review & update main body of risk assessment when each action completed

For other hazards relating to your work

List the existing measures you have in place to control the risks (see Sections 11-13 of form guidance).

Are these sufficient to ensure that the remaining risk is either Trivial or Acceptable? If YES, assessment is complete.

If NO, make an Action Plan as above

  • When assessment is complete: ammend Sections 1 - 6 of the form for your specific use, remove watermark and/or header, save and use in accordance with your local arrangements.

Remember - risk will only be adequately controlled if the 'Existing measures to control risk' apply to your work and are fully implemented, or if your existing measures are equivalent to or better than those listed.

Take action to address any deficiencies before the activity starts.