Safety Services

Arrangements, procedures, policies and guidance

All published information supports the Health & Safety policy.

Guidance is written and issued by the University's professional health and safety advisors and addresses matters for which a more rigid procedure format is unsuitable. Guidance provides assistance to managers and safety advisors about how to comply with the University Arrangements or a legal requirement, where action is not prescribed.

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document titletypedate
Category 1 drug precursor - Record of purchase and use ofForm-
Cell Cultures - Guidance on working withGuidelineFri 23 Jun 2017, 10:02
Checklist for accident incident & near-miss investigationsFormTue 17 Mar 2015, 16:28
Chemical Carcinogens Mutagens and Reproductive Toxins - Guidance on the Use and Control ofGuidelineThu 26 Oct 2017, 11:49
Chemical reactions - Guidance on risk assessments when scaling up interpreting journal protocols etcGuidelineFri 10 Aug 2018, 17:09
Chemical Substances: Summary of the legislative reporting recording and licensing requirementsOtherFri 12 Aug 2016, 12:54
Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) - Guidance on the Licensing and Reporting RequirementsGuidelineMon 30 Jan 2012, 19:57
Chemical Weapons Convention S1 Chemicals Licence Request FormForm-
CMR health surveillance request formFormFri 13 Oct 2017, 19:48
Community based lone worker ChecklistFormMon 6 Feb 2017, 18:42
Competency Development Framework for Safety AdvisorsOther-
Compliance Bite size: controlled drugsGuidelineWed 23 May 2018, 13:21
Compliance Bite size: Precursor ChemicalsGuidelineMon 3 Dec 2018, 09:41
Compliance bite size_CWCGuidelineTue 28 Mar 2017, 10:38
Containment Level 3 laboratory mannualGuideline-
Control of Contractors Checklist (inc Service Engineers and other Service Providers)Other-
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) - Guidance onGuidelineWed 8 Aug 2018, 17:35
Controlling Substances Hazardous to Health - Guidance onGuideline-
Cryogenic materials - Guidance on Storage and Handling ofGuidelineFri 23 Jun 2017, 10:04
Current Health and Safety PolicyPolicyTue 4 Sep 2018, 13:55
CWC guidance notes annexes A-E_2016Guideline-