What we do

The University Arrangements Chapter 5 gives details of the Safety Services remit, which is strategic in nature. Our main role is to :

  • advise all members of the University community about health & safety, in general and as the law applies to individuals
  • advise the University about its health & safety performance, using monitoring and auditing processes
  • advise and support managers and others carrying out health & safety work in accordance with duties and responsibilities assigned to them in law or through University procedures
  • advise the University about the implications of proposed or new legislative requirements or enforcement agency policies and arrangements
  • maintain a database of all reported accidents, incidents and near misses, together with appropriate documentation about their investigation
  • liaise with the Health & Safety Executive and other relevant health & safety enforcement agencies
  • make (or co-ordinat) all statutory notifications and returns including those required by the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations
  • draft and submit for approval policies and arrangements that apply across the campus
  • provide and support health & safety training and develop new training material and courses
  • co-ordinate the University’s programme of fire evacuation practices
  • provide a reference source of relevant health & safety information and documentation, including University policy statements, arrangements and guidance relating to health and safety matters.
  • communicate with and assist school and local safety advisors appointed by senior managers.
  • research or otherwise investigate aspects of health & safety that are new or unfamiliar
  • liaise with external bodies with an interest in health and safety management, including the University’s insurers and sector-specific professional groups.