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Safety Services

Arrangements, procedures, policies and guidance

All published information supports the Health & Safety policy.

Guidance is written and issued by the University's professional health and safety advisors and addresses matters for which a more rigid procedure format is unsuitable. Guidance provides assistance to managers and safety advisors about how to comply with the University Arrangements or a legal requirement, where action is not prescribed.

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document titletypedate
Effective health and safety committees: Guidance for Senior Managers chairing local committees.GuidelineMon 12 Aug 2019, 15:58
Electrical equipment testing record formFormThu 9 Feb 2017, 13:43
Energetic and Explosophoric Chemicals - Guidance onGuidelineWed 8 Aug 2018, 19:08
Equipment Decontamination CertificateFormMon 18 Jul 2022, 19:57
Ergonomics in the Bioscience Laboratory checklistGuidelineMon 25 Jan 2021, 20:03
Ergonomics in the laboratory- points to considerGuidelineWed 27 Apr 2016, 15:05
Ergonomics in the workshop: points to considerGuidelineTue 17 May 2016, 17:25
Estates slips and trips action planReport-
Ethidium Bromide - Guidance on the Safe Use and Disposal ofGuidelineFri 23 Jun 2017, 10:09
Evacuation of disabled visitors - Guidance on theGuidelineFri 19 Jan 2024, 15:04
Example risk assessment for a community based lone-workerFormMon 6 Feb 2017, 18:41
Example risk assessment for an office environmentFormMon 27 Jun 2011, 13:19
Example risk assessment for an open day/supervised visitFormMon 27 Jun 2011, 13:20
Example risk assessment for on-campus lone workingFormMon 6 Feb 2017, 18:38
Example risk assessment: Generic Overseas Business TravelFormTue 5 Apr 2016, 17:41
Eye Protection in Laboratories and Workshops - Guidance onGuidelineFri 18 Nov 2016, 16:09