Safety Services

Coronavirus (Covid-19-related) information

- Guidance for First Aiders - Appendix 7 now contains revised information for those responding to incidents

- Home working Please refer to the FAQs from HR for health and safety advice on working at home during the pandemic

Safety Services represent the senior safety expertise and provide strategic safety leadership for the University of Manchester.

Its overall strategy is to promote a high standard of safety management through working collaboratively with operational teams with the aim of driving continuous improvement to reach a high level of assurance.

This website provides information to assist the University community manage the safety and health risks associated with its work.

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Safety Services and the Radiation Safety Unit are part of the Compliance and Risk Directorate.

The Occupational Health Service (Part of the Directorate for the Student Experience) provides a service to both staff and students.

We are in Simon Building - 4th floor in the block above the Cafe and accessed via the door at the top of the 'old' staircase.

See Contact us for details of individual's and their room numbers.