Risk assessments

Generic fieldwork risk assessment

In most cases, for low risk fieldwork activities (such as teaching or research at a cultural institution) in low threat destinations a generic risk assessment (or other local procedure or code for travel) can be used; providing that there are no special circumstances requiring further consideration, such as health or disability.

The generic risk assessments for low-risk travel in the UK and low-risk travel outside the UK can be adopted locally read by staff/students who will be undertaking the fieldwork, prior to travel.

Adapted fieldwork risk assessment

Where circumstances of the fieldwork are outside the scope of the generic risk assessments, or aspects require further consideration; such as the activities being undertaken, local environmental factors, lone working or specific individuals’ needs, the generic risk assessments can be adapted by adding the additional hazards or circumstances and control measures. Guidance is provided on how to adapt your risk assessment.

Specific fieldwork risk assessment

A specific (bespoke) risk assessment must be carried out in the case of the following scenarios:

  • The country that you are going to is on the list of destinations, which is either of high-risk or has additional control requirements
  • The area that you are going to has been given specific advice against travel by the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO)

If the activity that you plan to undertake is deemed to be of high risk the form should be amended accordingly.

If you need any help in preparing your risk assessment, you may seek further advice from your school/local safety advisor.