Display screen equipment (DSE) toolkit

DSE and homeworking during the Coronavirus pandemic

Please follow the principles contained in the DSE Poster when setting up or adjusting your work area at home and check the information on the University's Coronavirus FAQ page.

There is also Health and Safety Executive advice on working with DSE at home. You should carry out a DSE assessment of your home workstation in accordance with your local DSE assessment arrangements.

If the home assessment identifies issues you should make as many reasonable adjustments as you can to your home set-up, and please raise any concerns you have with your line manager.

This toolkit contains information to help managers and users minimise the risks associated with the use of display screen equipment as required by Arrangements Chapter 34. The information applies to equipment found in both offices and other workplaces, e.g. laboratories.

DSE users need to carry out an assessment of their workstation(s). The assessment is usually carried out online and details of how to do this is provided locally via School/Local Safety Advisors or DSE Assessors.

A new online assessment form has been launched in August 2019, though a paper form (HSE's Checklist) is still used in some areas. Guidance on how to set up, distribute and analyse your Display Screen Equipment Survey is provided in the Toolkit Documents.